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Grille Menu

We Cater to Special Diets

Use our goodness callouts to help select the perfect dish! Need help finding something that suits your needs? We’re happy to discuss additional options.

V vegan
GF made with gluten-free ingredients
° organic ingredients

Our food is produced in a facility that processes soy, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and fish.

Seasonal Features

Kimchi Breakfast Sandwich

2 eggs, housemade kimchi, scallions, arugua, and siracha mayo on a housemade carrot dill roll


Harvest Chicken Sandwich

grilled chicken, apples, sauted onions, spinach, cheddar and maple mayo on marbled rye


Tofu Bahn-Mi

turmeric tofu, housemade kimchi, shredded carrots, scallions, cilantro, and wasabi mayo on a brioche roll


Montreal Cheese Steak

Housemade roast beef, sauteed mushrooms, American cheese and Montreal mayo on a brioche roll



Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese

your choice of bagel toasted with cream cheese 


Chive, Egg + Cheese English Muffin

two cage-free eggs + choice of cheese on multigrain english muffin° with housemade chive butter


Avocado Toast

avocado°, tomato°, red onion°, lemon°, sea salt + black pepper° on Ezekiel toast V



Housemade Turkey Sausage GF
Bacon GF
Tempeh Fakin’ Bacon V
Avocado Slices V GF


Sandwiches + Wraps

Gluten-free? Choose a Raw Wrap (+$2.00) or Udi’s Toast or Bun. Note: Vegan BLT, Falafel Wrap, and Black Bean + Yam Cake cannot be made gluten-free.

Classic BLT

nitrate-free bacon with green leaf°, tomato° + mayo on sourdough


Vegan BLT

tempeh fakin’ bacon with green leaf°, tomato° + vegan mayo on sourdough V


Turkey Avocado BLT

oven-roasted turkey with nitrate-free bacon, avocado°, green leaf°, tomato° + mayo on sourdough


Grilled Chicken + Purple Slaw Wrap

housemade grilled chicken breast, housemade purple slaw, shredded carrots° + housemade wasabi mayo in a wrap


Fantastic Falafel Wrap

housemade falafel, grilled eggplant, tahini, housemade purple slaw, cucumber° + housemade yogurt dill sauce in a wrap


Black Bean + Yam Cake Wrap

housemade black bean + yam cake with green leaf°, avocado°, tomato°, red onion° + housemade chipotle vegan mayo in a wrap V


Veggie + Cheese Wrap

cheddar, green leaf°, tomato°, cucumber°, sprouts° + carrots° with housemade lemon garlic mayo in a wrap


Street Corn Quesadilla

melted cheddar + cotija cheese, roasted sweet corn°, fresh cilantro° and housemade spicy chipotle cream sauce 


Eggplant Sarnie

grilled eggplant, spinach°, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers + housemade lemon garlic mayo on garlic naan


Grass-Fed Beef Burger

local grass-fed beef burger, green leaf°, tomato° + red onion° with cheese and condiment on a bun


Organic Turkey Burger

organic turkey burger, green leaf°, tomato° + red onion° with cheese and condiment on a bun


Organic Hot Dog

uncured beef hot dog° with condiment on a Rudi’s bun°


Grilled Cheese

choice of any bread + delicious cheese



Quinoa Fiesta Bowl

quinoa°, black beans, corn, tomato°, peppers°, red onion°, avocado°, lime juice°, cilantro° + chipotle vegan mayo V GF


Spicy Veggie Bowl with Fried Egg

quinoa°, purple slaw°, carrots°, cucumber°, fresh spinach°, over easy cage-free egg, scallions° + sriracha GF


Kale + Brussels Caesar Salad Bowl (or Wrap!)

a mix of kale° + shredded Brussels sprouts° with vegetarian Caesar dressing, local croutons + parmesan cheese°

$8.99 Add chicken for $3.99

Build Your Own Bowl, Sandwich or Wrap $7.99


Ezekiel V
Wave Hill Sourdough V
Marble Rye V
Buttermilk White° V
Whole Wheat Bun° V
Housemade Carrot Dill Roll


Whole Wheat° V
Spinach° V


Udi’s Toast or Bun V GF
Raw Wrap (+ 2.00) V GF


Quinoa° V GF
Kale Brussels Mix° V GF
Green Leaf° V GF
Arugula° V GF

Base (Pick 1)

Housemade Falafel V
Housemade Black Bean Cake V
Grilled Eggplant V GF
Veggie Burger V GF
Avocado V GF
Tuna Salad GF
Roasted Turkey GF
Grilled Chicken GF

Veggies (Pick 3)

All Veggies V GF

Green Leaf°
Black Beans°
Shredded Carrots°
Red Onions°
Extra Veggie 0.50

Sauces (Pick 1)

Vegan Mayo° (Original, Housemade Chipotle) V
Mayo (Original, Housemade Wasabi, Housemade Lemon Garlic)
Yogurt Dill
Grain Mustard 
DijonMustard V
Ketchup° V
Vegetarian Caesar
Sherry Vinaigrette V
Relish° V
Sriracha V
Extra Sauce 0.50

Add-on Veggies $1.00

All Veggies V GF

Artichokes Hearts
Sautéed Peppers°
Sautéed Onion°
Roasted Red Peppers
Pickled Jalapeño
Purple Slaw

Add-on Avocado $1.50

Add-on Cheese $1.00

All Cheese  GF

Goat Cheese
Vegan Cheese V