Our Products


New Morning Market’s mission is to provide products of the highest quality that are healthy for both people and the planet.

Look for our Goodness Callouts while you shop!

Everything we offer, from the coffee served in our café to the skin care products utilized in our Vitality Center, is carefully vetted to ensure that it adheres to our mission. Use our Goodness Callouts while you shop!


New Morning is committed to supporting organic agriculture in order to reduce the impact of the adverse effects of chemicals on our bodies and the environment. Organic agriculture is founded on principles of promoting soil health and ecological diversity.


Our local farmers and producers are dedicated to preserving working agricultural landscapes, practicing soil enrichment, promoting biodiversity, and participating in our vibrant local economyand New Morning Market is dedicated to them!


New Morning is devoted to transparent food labeling. When it comes to GMOs, we prioritize products labeled by third-party certifiers like the Non-GMO Project. Our produce department is 100% non-GMO!

Fair Trade

We seek out products which promote social justice by offering a fair price to farmers and producers, especially in economically depressed and exploited regions of the world.