Who We Are

New Morning Market has been committed to the good food lifestyle since opening our doors in 1971. Our original storefront gathered like-minded shoppers looking for healthy alternatives to the mainstream diet. At the heart of New Morning’s early selection were products from the area’s own farms and forests, from pastured eggs to maple syrup. Owner John Pittari forged local connections with dairy farmers and organic vegetable producers, and New Morning became the flagship store for many Connecticut producers. 

Care for the environment and the community continues to be at the forefront of New Morning’s vision. Today, John and our team of 100+ employees still work with countless local producers as well as partnering with dozens of local non-profit organizations throughout the year. We also foster a sense of community for our customers, who spend hours in our café meeting with friends and sharing stories. They feel at home here, and thanks to our delicious prepared foods, customers treat New Morning as an extension of their homes: whether grabbing a wholesome bite to eat from our grille or sharing an artfully prepared holiday dinner with their family. 

We also host monthly classes—from yoga and meditation to a knitting group and a kids’ cooking club—in our second floor community room. This upstairs space is also home to our Vitality Center which offers acupuncture, massage, facials, an infrared sauna and more in a holistic spa setting. 


At New Morning Market, we believe that good food is key to a good life. That a good life is one shared among good people. That good people are good to the earth. I guess you could say we’re an optimistic bunch. We believe in goodness all around. It’s something we strive for within our community, within your community.

To that end, we believe in supporting local, organic farmers. It’s our way of helping build a vibrant local economy. Of helping to preserve working agricultural lands. It’s one way we’re trying to be good to the earth. To the soil, to our rivers and streams, to our busy hard-working bees. To the atmosphere. It’s one way to be good to ourselves. We believe in eating well. In being truly fed. Nourished. We believe in deliciousness for all. And, yes, that includes potato chips and ice cream. And fresh bread and cheese and chocolate. And collard greens, because, hey, kale already had its moment. We believe in sharing all that deliciousness with friends and family.  

We believe that food brings people together across the dinner table and on the go, wherever you are headed. That lasting, unbreakable connections are formed through food. Through a ferocious love of flavor. Through a deep, primal knowledge that good food is essential. Essential to our individual wellness—in the form of amino acids and antioxidants and all the rest. But also, essential to our rituals as human beings: whether that means morning coffee or report card pizza night or birthday cake or the season’s first tomato cherished between two slices of home-baked sourdough bread. 

Food⁠—good food⁠—catalyzes community. Since 1971, we’ve witnessed how good food brings people together. We believe that together, our individual choices—our so-called drops in the bucket—mount to waves. At New Morning Market, we believe in sea change. We believe that sustainability is not synonymous with deprivation. We believe that we can be good to the earth. That we must. We believe we’re all in this together. We’re so happy that you’re here with us. Cheers from across the table. 

Our Mission + Hope

New Morning Market’s mission is to provide products of the highest quality that are healthy for both people and the planet.

Local Producers

We partner with nearby producers to bring you local, organic, farm-fresh goodness every day.