The Story of How Seed to Spoon Come to Be

As a foodie and a food microbiologist I have always been fascinated by foods created through the magic
of microbes. I combined this love early in my studies and career when I started working in fermentation science (a fancy way of saying- trying to make beer taste better through the type of yeast that was used) first at Colby College in Maine, and then UW-Madison in Wisconsin. My specialty was fruit flavored beers. How to improve/accentuate the flavor of the fruit without adding anything that shouldn’t be there (meaning, only real fruit, no fake flavors or aromas to mask mistakes!).

Eventually I shifted my focus from fermentation to culturing and started a yogurt company (dairy
based!) in 2010. I love yogurt, love small business, and this opportunity combined these passions. I
launched a brand, Green Mountain Creamery®, with the mantra- Locally Made, Locally Affordable. I
didn’t think people should need a small fortune to eat locally made healthy food…

Over time, my partners in the venture decided they wanted to shift the focus of that Company to other
things, so a few years ago I started thinking about what to do next. The number 1 thing my customers
were asking me for was the non-dairy versions of the things I was making at my yogurt facility. This
combined with the fact that one of my son’s has a severe dairy allergy lit the proverbial lightbulb in my
mind and I decided to start a company focused on plant-based cultured foods.

In the Spring of 2019 I learned the Yocrunch plant in Naugatuck might be for sale. Having grown up just
25 minutes away (in Bridgewater) I visited the plant and in August, bought it. My team and I have spent
the past year cleaning and renovating it and working on recipes for the new venture.

Our mission is to create plant-based products that taste more like the real thing. For this reason, each
of our products is made with the ingredients that make it taste, look and feel as similar to the dairy
counterpart as possible. This means we aren’t “cashew people” or “oat people”… we are the good
tasting food people! I wanted to create a brand that tasted great, reminded you of everything you
missed about dairy and nothing you don’t. We support good food, great people, helping the
environment and the sustainability of the food system, but most importantly we want to have fun and
we want people to have fun with our food.

We are very excited to be starting this adventure with the wonderful people at New Morning Market.
Our Oat Based Yogurts are in stock now and other items will be coming soon (Sour Cream, Cream
Cheese, Non Dairy Desserts, Non Dairy Cheeses). We make these all on our 100% non-dairy facility. All
of our items are Vegan, free from bioengineered ingredients, Kosher Pareve, and do not contain gluten.
We do not process any soy or peanuts in our plant.

So please try Seed to Spoon and let us know what you think!

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